Simplifying Strategy:

A practical toolkit for corporate societal engagement.

Executives have difficult jobs. They are expected to be strategic, aligned with business priorities, and focused on results. Yet success often requires navigating ever-changing expectations and a maze of competing priorities.

This strategy toolkit,identifies three tools for clarifying your strategy and transforming your portfolio.

Intent Matrix:

Helps you to develop a customised map of your business motivations (why you are doing CSR) and engagement approaches (how you are doing it).

Issue Monitor:

A dynamic and multi-dimensional process for prioritizing your issues.

Impact Models:

Four clear and distinct options for engaging your chosen issues.

“It is important to clearly define the objectives of your CSR strategy and to align them to your company’s business objectives and goals.”

System Mapping:

Guide to developing actor maps to describe connections within complex system.

System mapping, the process of creating visual tools that describe a system, is a critical step in systems change that brings together stakeholders from across organizations and sectors to develop a common understanding of a given system. Breaking down the mapping process into 3 stages—preparation, facilitation, and revision—this guide provides detailed instructions, helpful hints, and visual examples for practitioners to follow as they create one type of system map called an actor map.

Top Takeaways

•Actor maps identify individuals and organizations that are key players in a certain space and shows how they are connected.

•Due to the complexity of systems, no 2 actor maps will be exactly alike. This guide helps practitioners create an actor mapping process customized to the specific context of their evaluation or initiative.

•Creating a comprehensive actor map requires both explicit data from evaluations and studies, and implicit knowledge from the participants. Making sure you have the right actors at the table, as well as a variety of supporting data, will lead to a more useful map.

Is collective impact the Right Approach for You ?

Explore the feasibility of collective impact for your issues area.

While collective impact has a track record of success against a range of social and environmental issues, not all issues lend themselves to this approach, and it is important that there are the right conditions in place for a collective impact effort to succeed. Join FSG’s Fay Hanleybrown and Admas Kanyagia, in conversation with Sujatha Jesudason, Executive Director of CoreAlign, as they help you to explore the feasibility of the approach for your issue area.

In this webinar, you will learn:

•The foundations of the collective impact approach

•To identify the pre-conditions that enable collective impact efforts to succeed

•How to determine whether collective impact is appropriate for your issue and local context