Services :

Farm Inventory, AGRI Surveillance, Farm based Advisory, E.soil Tracker, Input Aggregation, Online Indenting , Output Aggregation, FarmHub Market  

Business Benefits:

Less Cost to farmers, Lifecycle based Farm Advisory, Acquire knowledge on farm procedure and best practices , Virtual face to face communication, Multi-Lingual , Online Purchase of Inputs, Online Auctioning of Produce 

Technology Leveraged

Cloud Service, Mobile Interface, GPS Tagging, Online Weather Information, Voice based communication, GIS Reporting

Farm Hub AGRI Services: 

Agriculture producer across india in general and interior areas which are less integrated with markets, still suffer from lack of sufficient access to appropriate services such as extension , supply of credit, inputs and access to market linked information etc.

Thus the agriculture sector continues to suffer from four deficits namely, technology, infrastructure, investment and management deficit making it the most unremunerative and un-preferred profession.

Farming in India is aging with youngsters not preferring the sector.To ensure food security of the nation and improve livelihoods of more than 50% of the population who depends on agriculture, its essential to transform from present ” way of life into an enterprise” by making it precision driven and more profitable.


Some of the ideal extension system for improving agriculture sector in india : 

  • Support personalized advisory to farmers
  • Should have an inbuilt institutional mechanism for feedback loop
  • Should have cover advisory for complete crop cycle
  • Should be ICT driven for scaling up in reaching to farmers quickly
  • Should have historic data of farmers/farms/seasons for providing advices for future farm planning
  • Should have capacity building as one of the main components
  • Should become demand driven but not supply driven
  • Should enable farmer empowerment through producer groups


Food and Agri Business School (FABS) in technical collaboration with (OUAT) has build a comprehensive platform to take the uncertain agriculture to take the uncertain agriculture to “Precision oriented Smart Agriculture” with market linked and market driven agriculture that can bring prosperity to the farmers. Following are the list of solution capabilities :

  • Creation of farm Inventory
  • Customizable Pest and Weed surveillance 
  • Multi-Lingual to support including India Languages 
  • GPS/GIS for data authenticity and presentation
  • Tracking of observation points using GPS system
  • Tracking impact of Pesticide Free farming practices for No Pesticides Management Initiatives
  • Farm based personal Expert Advice with life cycle approach 
  • Inbuilt institutional mechanism for feedback
  • Enabling Farm Input aggregation 
  • Online capacity building for farmers and experts
  • Empowering farmers through Knowledge base 
  • Market linked platform to support online auctions and procurements


  • Transform agriculture into Smart agriculture
  • Modernizes the whole approach to agriculture
  • Single window for services to farmers 
  • Personalized and appropriate advices to farmers improving yield and income 
  • Reduce production cost and increase income to farmers
  • Institutionalizes IPM, leading to mainstream on a sustainable basis 
  • Promotes local value addition and income .