Our Story

We are building a platform where farmers can access products and services that they will need for agriculture. We would like to deliver convenience, affordability and reliability through a simplified delivery network.

We will be a mobile first service which will be supported by cloud infrastructure married to IOT and agriculture specific predictive algorithms. The network will be open to all stakeholders who have an interest in interacting or transacting with the farmer.

Our goal is to facilitate the first million small and marginal farmers in India who have doubled their net farm income through their engagement with our platform.


For Farmers From farmers:

FarmHub is a tech-enabled agricultural machinery renting platform. We help farmers rent out their under-utilized machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, implements) to fellow small and marginal farmers on pay-per-use basis. We rely on technologies like IoT’s, remote sensing, algorithmic distance optimization and satellite imagery to service our farmers.

Why Farmers Value us?

Farmers: We want farmers to experience a new level of service delivery which they have never experienced before. We exist to make farmers life easier and stress-free. Through FarmHub, farmers can book a variety high tech agri-machinery simply with a mere push of a button. We ensure farmers get the best possible machinery at the best possible price.

Machinery Owners: FarmHub partners with machinery owners in order to help them raise the capacity utilization rates of their idle agri-machines. Renting out these machines helps generate an alternative source of income. Our proprietary technology makes entire renting out experience seamless for them.