Basal Initiatives’ strategies for holistic integration of sectors with the needs of society are built around the four prongs of key initiatives/ information, global integration, commitment to society and competitiveness. The common factor in all its activities is partnership across a cross-section of organizations, including government, non-governmental organizations and international bodies. Working with and learning from diverse institutions, BI has strengthened the services it provides to its members as well as society at large.


Developing effective strategies for foundations and nonprofits that apply our clients’ resources to maximum potential. For businesses, we create strategies to deliver economic success from social impact.


  • Evaluation
    Using evaluation to facilitate organization and community learning, make strategic decisions, and take informed action.
  • Organizational Change
    Helping clients align their organizations and operations in support of their strategies to ensure delivery of meaningful social impact.
  • Coalition Building
    Building cross-sector collaborations that unite funders, nonprofits, governments, and corporations to achieve large-scale impact and to solve social problems in powerful new ways.
  • Research
    Advancing knowledge and practice in the social sector through grant-funded research, publications, and conferences that offer actionable insights and enable others to achieve greater impact.
  • Implement
    Working closely with our clients to develop action plans that fuse strategy with stakeholder realities and staying on the case through full implementation all the way to measurable impact.