Basal Initiatives focus on entrepreneurship, innovation & empowerment. By identifying Critical gaps, providing them with solutions and giving handholding support to implement at last….mile…

We believe in adventure of ideas, and bring social change through inclusive growth and development through participatory mode.

While we do business we respect trade with tradition, commerce with culture & entrepreneur with entertainment.

The activities undertaken to further our objective and achieve our mission, we work together with communities and different stake holders to deliver practical answers to problems. Activities include, Technology Development, The Pilot Testing and Commercialization of different Technologies, Technical Assistance to NGOs/ Government/ Corporate and Community Organizations, Training, Study and Research, Advocacy.

Basal Initiatives works across a variety of technologies with particular focus on Agriculture, Horticulture, Food Processing, Food Production & Packaging, Handicraft and handlooms, Marketing & logistics, Livelihoods, Environment & Ecology, Energy, Mining, Manufacturing, Export & Import.

It also maintains a program of work in Policy Study, Research and Analysis and is developing new areas in the fields of Information and Communications Technology, The Environment, Small-Scale Producers, Urbanization.

Basal Initiatives disseminates information through many channels, including a technical enquiry service, international workshops, newsletters, journals and publications. It also engages in advocacy to influence the policy environment at local and international levels.