Empowering women

With restricted access to jobs, income, land, agricultural inputs and other resources, it is an everyday challenge for women in the developing world to feed their families.

Basal Initiatives works to improve women’s access to food and sustainable livelihoods by implementing Food for Work and Food for Training programmes that take into consideration their distinct needs and priorities.

Aim and objectives

 The primary aim is to train women for entrepreneurship.

The objectives are:

  •  to encourage women to believe in themselves
  •  to give women concrete help about how to make a business plan
  •  to support women learning and networking with each other
  •  to make women’s entrepreneurship more visible within society

 All this happens through living examples: “women help women”, “more experienced woman entrepreneur supports the less experienced one”, etc.

Target group

 Women who want to start a business and women who already are entrepreneurs. They can be female employers, unemployed women or young women due to leave school in the near future.