FARMMADE is a consumer and farmer beneficial retail initiative taken up by FARMADE. Using an online ecommerce platform, consumers meet farmers and understand their nutritional intake. We at FARMADE deal with providing the consumers with fresh and quality vegetables at competitive price over market price. The twin intent of this initiative is the economic benefit of farmers and access to nutritious and fresh vegetables by consumers. This allows the consumer to know the farmer and know the food consumed on a daily basis. Only growing of Vegetables has less impact on producer economy until he receives a proper price for his produce. This price is provided by the marketing end of FARMADE i.e. FARMADE Wheels and FARMADE Mart.

They not only provide a market to the farmer’s produce but also serve as a point where end consumers could collect fresh and nutritive vegetables at a better price. These Marts and Wheels are also providing employment to poor people with adequate skill development and capital support. FARMADE thrusts the accessibility of improved production technology for the producers, thereby developing a better supply chain mechanism to minimize the post-harvest loss and maintain good quality. This is achieved by creating a direct accessibility to market through FARMADE (one-stop retail points) and FARMADE Wheels (vegetable cart vendors), helping the consumer in getting good quality produce. This initiative deals with selling vegetables and fruits through online purchase or on call purchase of vegetables, delivery at doorstep or pickup from the nearest FARMADE Mart or FARMADE Wheels.

Thereby, making your everyday vegetables and fruits purchasing easier by ten manifolds. Also, Vegetables bought from us serve a social cause as fair amount of purchase goes for social development of farmer’s family. One could track the farmer and his farm, where the vegetable is cultivated, enabling the consumer with rich access to how the produce is grown and harvested.