Basal Initiatives Started in 2016 as a Agro Based Company In Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, has grown in to one of the pioneers in providing Agro Solutions in the state.

Under the Visionary leaderships of Mr. Satya Sarathy Sahoo, Mrs. Ipshita Sahoo & Mr. Jeevan Sangram Dash first generations entrepreneurs the Company has started this Mega Food Park in Odisha.

Being well diversified Company , is the result of professional commitment to set of food processing and supply chain infrastructure.

The company envisages setting up of Mega Food Park for supporting the industry in processing, value additions, post-harvest facilities, and technical assistances to farmers and entrepreneurs. The expected outcomes:-

•Better and improved marketing facilities farm produce.

•Creation of high quality food processing infrastructure.

•Reduction of wastage.

•Capacity building of the producer & processors

•Creation of an efficient supply Chain.

•Significant direct & Indirect employment generation.


•Accelerate growth of food processing industry in the country.

•Raising the processing of perishables in the country from the existing 6% to 20%

•Raising value editions from 20% to 35%

•Provide Excellent infrastructure Facilities for Food Processing Industries

•Create a Value Chain from FARM to MARKET

•Create Centralised Processing Centre

•Create Primary Processing Centres & Collecting Centres


•Cold Storage


•Sills 4 numbers 2500 MT each

•Ripening Chambers

•Pulping Line Aseptic 3MT/Hour

•Flour & Dal Mills

•Multi Grain Grading & Sorting

•Spices Processing Plant 1 MT/Hour

•Testing Lab ( Microbiology, Pesticide, Residue, Chemical Analysis )

•Reefer Vans 6 Numbers 8 MT each

•Solar Plant 2MW

•Training Centre & Incubation Centre