Please find below our best techno commercial proposal for green building facilitation, Energy simulation and IGBC building commissioning works:

Green Building Facilitation,Energy simulation and fundamental & third party commissioning work as per IGBC NB Rating System:


The facilitating team will handhold the project team in its Green Building activities and helps to achieve coveted rating from IGBC.
The scope of facilitation services would include the following:

  • Registration, pre-certification and certification of the project with IGBC for NB rating
  • Overall facilitation to obtain green building rating for the project
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in the base building
  • Bring awareness on Green Building concepts and rating system to the project team
  • Facilitate the project design team to select materials/equipment to meet the green building requirement.
  • Vet the tender document to ensure that the tender technical specification meets the green building requirement
  • Prepare and provide all necessary templates for the design team, so as to meet green building  submittal requirements
  • Facilitate project team in preparing the documentation as stipulated by the rating system.
  • The facilitation team will filter, cross validate, verify consistency, add value and consolidate to make the document suitable for submission to IGBC
  • Scrutinize the documents before submission to IGBC. Provide inputs on previous credit interpretation requests
    Co-ordinate with IGBC for project registration, obtaining the green building rating for the project
  • Through this facilitation process the project can achieve the best possible green building rating.

The facilitator would hand-hold the project team right from registration of the project to achievement of the green building rating.


The energy modelling consultant will perform the Energy Simulation for the building.

The broad scope of energy simulation is as follows:

  • Develop ASHRAE 90.1 base-case assumptions for certification
  • Modelling assumptions and schedules for the project
  • Base case simulation including validation and debugging
  • ϖIdentification of improvements and alternatives (Energy Conservation Measures – ECMs)
  • Validation of individual ECM results
  • Prioritizing and evaluation of combined ECMs
  • Support in documentation for respective credits
  • Incorporating changes required in the modelling subsequent to the first review


As you are aware, one of the pre-requisites for obtaining the green building Certification is to appoint project Fundamental & additional building commissioning Authority. The Commissioning Authority verifies that the building & its systems are commissioned to meet the Owner’s Project Requirements and at the same time constructed based on the green building requirement.

Commissioning is a planned, Systematic quality-control process that involves the owner, users, occupants, operations and maintenance staff, design professionals and contractors.


  • Design Phase
  • Develop Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Review and use of lessons-learned information from previous projects
  • Verify Basis of Design document with the Owner’s Project Requirement
  • Review design documents & incorporate commissioning requirements into construction document
  • Develop initial commissioning plan
  • Develop Measurement & Verification Plan
  • Pre commissioning Phase
  • Update Commissioning Plan.
  • Verify Submittals and Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Detailed Test Procedures & Data Forms
  • Verify that systems and assemblies comply with the Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Prepare pre functional checklist & functional test procedures.
  • Commissioning Phase
  • Start up & initial check of all the equipments.
  • Functional testing of equipments & systems.
  • Preparation of system manual for operating staff.
  • Training to operating personnel in the maintenance & & operation of the commissioned systems.
  • Complete Final Commissioning Process Report for the project
  • Post occupancy Phase (12 months)
  • Complete the outstanding issues pertaining to commissioning.
  • Monitor the building energy & water performance post occupancy for the period of 12 months.
  • Conduct & verify periodic performance evaluations of facility systems and assemblies
  • Complete enhanced commissioning report for the project


  • Conduct feasibility study to decide the level of rating and finalize macro level green specifications for the project.
  • Conduct energy modeling to select energy efficient technologies/materials through life cycle analysis
  • Conduct training program to the design team on IGBC rating and green building concepts
  • Review of the design and offer suggestions for improvements
  • Periodical review with the design and construction teams for smooth implementation
  • Develop templates, drawings and documentation required to meet the IGBC rating
  • Develop project monitoring formats & photos required to be taken at site and handed over to contractor for monitoring
  • Interact with IGBC in getting the pre certification and as well as final certification
  • Clarify all doubts arise out of IGBC review by IGBC team

In addition to the above, any work required to get the IGBC certification for the project would be done by NEXBUG Designs Private Limited for smooth implementation.


  • Design documents and basic design drawings required for IGBC prepration to be given to NEXBUG for further addiiton/ modification
  • One person at site to be nominated as a IGBC co-ordination to monitor the site work w.r.t IGBC implementation
  • Documents pertaining to govt approvals for the project to be given as per the IGBC requirments
  • Letters, technical data sheets & test certificates from the suppliers to be obtained as per the IGBC requirements

Payment Terms:

  • 30%  Advance along with appointment
  • 20% of completion of energy modelling
  • 10%  on submission of pre-certification first submission document to IGBC for the rating
  • 10%- On submission of pre-certification second document to IGBC for the rating
  • 10%  on submission of certification first submission document to IGBC for the rating
  • 10%- On submission of certification second document to IGBC for the rating
  • 10% – On confirmation of IGBC certification

The above quoted prices are exclusive of Service Tax. The same shall be charged extra @ 14% or at actual.