The Philosophy of the Basal Initiatives is to lay emphasis on Human Values. Greater stress is laid on proper Communication, Transparency, and Human Relation, which forms an integral part of the culture. With  every new  day  the  quest  for acquiring new  challenges continues-  Forever, Searching, Experimenting,  Innovating, Moving  ahead with  our sincere  effort  and dedication, shaping the future, is a never ending process in the Company.
Basal Initiatives  was formed to fulfill committed mission especially to work for the betterment of the sections in the society.
It functions on the basis of a set of values like public interest service, transparency, Participation
and accountability and in pursuance of the aim to:
A) improve the circumstance
B) act on concern.
Basal Inititives maintains high standards of honesty and integrity at both personal and
Companty  level.